Marcia's quilts are incredible! Come read a bit about her process and what creativity looks like for her.

What Creativity Looks Like: Meet Marcia

Welcome back to our What Creativity Looks Like series. Every week this summer, I’ll be introducing you to some amazingly creative women. My hope is as you read these interviews and virtually meet these ladies, you’ll be inspired to create more in your own life.

Let’s get started!

What’s your name (and business name, if you have one)?

Marcia DesRosiers, Heart and Hands Quilts

Tell us about YOU. How is your creativity expressed?

I love color and lots of it—I wear very colorful clothes, my house is painted different colors, and my art work is full of color. I am currently creating Pet Portraits using fabric rather than paint.

How did you get started in your creative practice? (“Practice” is just a fancy word for all the fun creative things you do. :))

I was introduced to art at a young age with exposure to many artists coming and going in our house. My business came out my love for quilting, an introduction to art quilts, and my love for pets. I wanted to combine them all!

What keeps you going?

The joy that people have when they see their pet in fabric—they are amazed at how I capture the essence and personality of their pet—it really fuels me.

What is your greatest joy?

Well I must say it is my kids and grandchildren—they are really my heart.

Marcia's quilts are incredible! Come read a bit about her process and what creativity looks like for her.

What’s a “typical” day (or week) like for you? In other words, how do you incorporate creative projects into your life?

I work outside of my home part time teaching usually 2-3 days a week so on those days I may or may not get any artwork done. I schedule time to be up in the studio or else I seem to miss many opportunities. I am learning to use small windows of time and not feel like I have to have hours to create.

What would you say to someone who wants to be creative but can’t find the time?

You would benefit from scheduling some small windows of time then just do it! Close the computer, turn off the TV, and go have some fun.

Marcia's quilts are incredible! Come read a bit about her process and what creativity looks like for her.

What do YOU think creativity looks like?

Anything that I get to play with: fabric, paint, food, clay, make cards, draw—really to let go of my restraints on what I “should” do in some medium and just explore . . . that is creativity.

When I first saw Marcia’s quilts, my jaw dropped. I had seen art quilts before, but these?! Wow. If you’d like to learn more about Marcia and see some more of her gorgeous work, visit her blog here.

Have a lovely {and creative} day!



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