Have you ever struggled with saving your best art and creativity supplies because they're so NICE? You'll appreciate this article.

Use Your Art Supplies

Here is a small manifesto about you taking the time to finally USE your art supplies. The precious, beautiful, perfect, and expensive ones. It’s time.

It used to be that when I bought a pen I liked or a pretty little journal, I would keep them nice and pretty and “safe.” I still have Twin Star stickers that are in mint condition from my childhood. (Long live Hello Kitty and her friends!) But if there’s one thing my daughter has taught me, it is this:

Art supplies and creative supplies of all kinds are meant to be used.

I've had a couple of questions as to why I chose to not share a lot of examples (picture-wise) in my latest book, Happy Journal, Happy Life. Believe me, I was going to have this guide to happiness filled to the brim with pictures. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized . . . there were three good reasons why I needed to pair down. I think you'll agree.

Why Happy Journal, Happy Life Isn’t Full of Examples

Since publishing the Kindle version of Happy Journal, Happy Life at the beginning of the month, there have been a few questions as to why I didn’t add more pictorial examples.

There was a reason, actually several, that kept me from adding pages of pictures throughout the book. Believe me, I was tempted. But here is why I ultimately decided to go light on the pictures . . .

I LOVE this idea! I'm always on the lookout for fun and simple ways to add creativity to my day. This mini canvas idea is so up my alley. Going to go to Michael's to get some 2x2 canvases today! :)

How the Mini Canvas is Changing My Art Life

Have you heard of the Painting a Day movement? It started back in 2004 when Duan Keiser set out to share his work on the internet. What started with one man has turned into thousands of artists striving to do one small painting a day – mostly every day. I am always looking for practical ways to get creativity into my life so when I discovered this idea years ago, I was intrigued.

Have you ever kept a gratitude journal? How about a happy journal? This eBook shares how Jennie Moraitis began drawing small vignettes of her day years ago . . . and discovered a deep joy and happiness. It's gratitude journal 2.0. You're going to love this!

Happy Journal, Happy Life — My Gratitude Journal Journey

This is the little book that almost didn’t happen. I was writing another book and ran into a major roadblock. And while I was digging myself out, Happy Journal, Happy Life emerged.

It also almost didn’t happen because the concept of drawing my life is one I’m too familiar with. I have been sketching vignettes of my day and the things that make me happy for years.

I think keeping a regular journal is wonderful. I will likely write in one until I’m an old woman. Might as well—I’ve been journaling since I was six years old.

But this drawing-my-day practice? It didn’t even have a name until recently.