I love making and buying creative toys for my kiddo. It’s so fun to see her imagination soar. In this post, I’m sharing about the super easy nativity scene we made this year plus a shop that I’ve fallen in love with for their creative toys for kids! A must for birthdays, Christmas, you name it!

Creative Play for Your Little One: Christmas Edition

I love open-ended creative play. This year, for Christmas, instead of pulling out our plastic nativity set with the fat little people and animals, I pulled out the Lincoln Logs, a tray that has a lip (it’s really a tray you use to eat in bed!) and an assortment of stones, sand, and Douglas Fir branchlettes we had around the house.

Okay, we didn’t have the bits of Douglas Fir in our house, but since they scatter all around our neighborhood, we didn’t have to walk very far to find them.

Here’s a picture of the Mary figure we made out of salt dough, acrylic paint, and paint pens. She’s so cute!

My daughter built a three-sided stable, and we carefully poured sand all around. (I had gathered said sand a long while before thinking we would use it for something, but then I forgot about it…until now.) We added pebbles to our scene and laid the tiny twigs of fir over the frame of the stable as a roof.

Later, we made salt dough and fashioned Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus. We painted them  and added them to our scene. We also painted some of the rocks to represent the animals.

This process was one we did over several weeks, mind you. Though it would have been easier to pull out the plastic set and play with it, our slower creation meant my daughter played with it for longer periods of time, and surprise, I was even drawn in because there were so many ways to arrange and rearrange our little scene.

Here’s a glimpse of our nativity scene. All homemade and gathered near our home.

We placed the nativity under the tree and I noticed a straw star ornament hanging from a branch over the stable. Perfect.

Now, if you were to walk into my house right now, you probably wouldn’t think this is the most perfect or gorgeous nativity scene. It is rustic at best. But it is ours. Made by our hands (for the most part.) Creative play allows you to slow down, to make a longer-lasting story. I love that.

Here’s our Baby Jesus made out of salt dough, acrylic paint, and paint pens.

Recently I came across an online shop called Bellaluna Toys that I wanted to share with you. They create the most magical toys that honestly inspire me to make-make-make. From darling tree houses to tiny dolls to ribbon scarves, they have a wide selection of very sweet items.

One of the things I want to try out with my daughter is the modeling beeswax. It looks like such an interesting sensory and creative activity. The individual strips are $3 and would be great stocking stuffers, don’t you think?

They also sell peg dolls for a great price. We love making peg doll princesses and ornaments. They are so cute, and you can add your own details and bits and pieces of fabric to customize so easily. (This is coming from a wannabe-not-quite-there-yet seamstress.)

If you’re on the lookout for creative toys for your little one, definitely check them out. If you click here to use my promo code, you’ll get $10 off your first order! (I’ll receive $10 too, so it’s win-win…how fun is that?) I am keeping an eye on this site for ideas throughout the year—not just stocking stuffers, but little treats for Valentine’s Day, Easter, end of school…you name it!

Simple creative play for your child might take a little bit longer at first, but it ends up being so much fun for them (and you!) I hope this post inspires you and as always…

I hope you all have a lovely {and creative} day!


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