What Creativity Looks Like: Meet Kimberley

Join us for this series about What Creativity Looks Like. I'm interviewing several women about their life and business and would love for you to meet them. (They're amazing!) Today I'm chatting with Kimberley from Bridgwater Crafts. Come over and read her story.

Welcome back to our What Creativity Looks Like series. Every week this summer, I’ll be introducing you to some amazingly creative women. My hope is as you read these interviews and virtually meet these ladies, you’ll be inspired to create more in your own life.

Let’s get started!


What’s your name (and business name, if you have one)?

Kimberley, Bridgwater Crafts

Tell us about YOU. How is your creativity expressed?

I crochet, knit and write. I’m a crochet & knit designer and chronic illness blogger.

How did you get started in your creative practice? (“Practice” is just a fancy word for all the fun creative things you do. :))

I’ve always been a creative. I’ve been crocheting and writing since childhood and started knitting about three years ago. I began designing in 2014.

What keeps you going?

Seeing everything through the eyes of a creative makes everything a potential inspiration. I keep going because stopping would be giving up to my illnesses. I’m not ready to do that.

What is your greatest joy?

My family, my animals, reading, and my yarn stash are my greatest joys.

What’s a “typical” day (or week) like for you? In other words, how do you incorporate creative projects into your life?

My whole day is creativity based. Once the morning essential are complete, (feeding my cats and dog, taking meds, etc.) I start working on my creative biz. Once that’s done, I either read, crochet, or knit the day away.

What would you say to someone who wants to be creative but can’t find the time?

Life is creative. Even five minutes can start a creative practice. There’s no such thing as no time to create. That’s a fallacy. Every breathe you take is an opportunity for creativity.

What do YOU think creativity looks like?

See above. Creativity looks like life. I can’t imagine a life without creativity.

I particularly love how Kimberley mentioned that “even five minutes can start a creative practice.” So often we tell ourselves we need huge swaths of time and then feel so overwhelmed, we never start. Kimberley sells the patterns pictured above on her site, Bridgwater Crafts, so be sure to visit her and check them out. They would make amazing gifts, don’t you think?

Have a lovely {and creative} day!

4 thoughts on “What Creativity Looks Like: Meet Kimberley

  1. I love seeing how people realize that creativity can take just 5-10 minutes a day and yet it feeds us so much! I will have to go back to read the other interviews in this series!

    1. It’s so true, right? Thanks so much for your comment, Monica. This series has been so encouraging to me too. 🙂

  2. Nice to meet you Kimberley *waves* I, too, am a Chronically Ill Crafter. Unfortunately, my illnesses and pain have taken over the past few years and I have not been able to crochet which is my first love but I have been gathering up the patterns I want to make in the meantime.

    Will be checking out yours soon.

    1. Fellow spoonie here, too!
      Sometimes I feel like chronic illness can inspire creativity. It’s a challenge but also therapeutic, especially in a flare, to know that even if I can’t control everything my body is going/being put through, at least I can have some control over making things that my soul loves.

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