Conquer your lack of time, money, and organization once and for all! From quick-read eBooks to a full course, there's something for everyone here but it won’t last forever, so click through to learn more.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle: Time, Money, and Organization Resources

Hey friends, the sale for this bundle is currently over. Feel free to read about it, though, because they go on sale throughout the year and are a great resource that you can use all year long!


You guys. Remember when we went through the Time, Money, and Organization series here on the blog? At the time I wrote those audiocasts and was putting together the workbook to go along with them, I had no idea that months later, I would be asked if my course on creativity could be a part of a new bundle of resources. And that when I would open up my author’s copy of the bundle, I would find eBook after eCourse talking about Time, Money, and Organization. Maybe this is one of those cases where when you begin to notice something, it’s suddenly around every corner.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about Ultimate Bundles before—they release a set of eResources quarterly that range from DIY projects to photography. This quarter’s bundle is called The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and as I mentioned, it’s packed with courses and eBooks about solutions for our lack of time, money, and organization frustrations. There are actually 93 total resources in the bundle but these 10 time, money, and organization options stood out to me. (During, the sale, you can also click over here to see for yourself what the bundle includes.)

  Conquer your lack of time, money, and organization once and for all! From quick-read eBooks to a full course, there's something for everyone here but it won’t last forever, so click through to learn more. Resources on Time

Stop Settling for Overwhelmed by Kayse Pratt
If you’re overwhelmed by life, the Stop Settling for Overwhelmed course will help you simplify, embrace, and enjoy the life you’ve been given.

Make Over Your Calendar by Crystal Paine
Get control of your schedule for good with Money Saving Mom’s Makeover Your Calendar course.

Simplify: Thoughts & Tips to Live More Intentionally by Victoria Osborn
Simplify will help you develop an understanding of what simple living means for you and your family, create a mindset of intentional living, and take simple action steps to get there.

It’s About Time by Aby Garvey
Create a customized time management system that is in sync with your values and priorities and helps you feel in control with It’s About Time.

These 10 resources will help you conquer your lack of time, money, and organization. From quick-read eBooks to a full course, there's something for everyone here!

Resources on Money

Family Budget Challenge by Shannon Brown
A course that will teach you how to make a budget and stick to it! Take the Family Budget Challenge to see lasting changes.

Frugal Fresh Start by Stephanie Jones
Frugal Fresh Start will help you trim your expenses, build your budget, and fix your finances.

Punch Plastic in the Face by Kimberlee Stokes
Discover the simple secrets you need to become credit card and debt free in Punch Plastic in the Face.

Kid’s Responsibility & Money Management Kit by Stephanie Morgan
Give your kids the gifts of autonomy, family contribution, money smarts, and a giving heart with MPMK’s Kids’ Responsibilities & Money Management Kit.

Here are 10 resources that will help you conquer your lack of time, money, and organization. From quick-read eBooks to a full course, there's something for everyone here!Resources on Organization

Cozy Minimalist Mom by Myquillyn Smith
Learn the 10 concepts to create a Cozy Minimalist home even with kids through this online, self-study video course.

Sweet Life Planner {Mint Edition} by Laura Smith
The Sweet Life Planner will help you plan ahead, identify your top goals, and develop rock solid habits. Oh, and it’s gorgeous too! (Includes both half and full-size planner options.)

Wow, right?! There are a ton of other resources in this bundle, but I wanted to highlight these since they fit so perfectly with what we’ve been discussing around here in the last couple of months. And I should mention this bundle is $29.97 which is 97% off what you would pay if you were to buy each of these resources separately.

FAQ for the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (2016 version)

  • The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle also contains many resources on marriage, studying the Bible, recipes, meal-planning, being a mom (and all that entails), and working from home. There are 93 total resources PLUS bonuses included.
  • You will receive instant access to a portal on your computer where you can download all of the eBooks and courses. You’ll also see a section for all of the codes for the bonus offers. You’ll have until May 2017 to download all of these but once you download them, they’re yours forever. There will also be a book club where some of the authors will walk you through their books and courses. Pretty cool! 🙂 (Hint: I recommend making a folder on your desktop and downloading every single item into it the day you buy it. Then you can go through each resource when you have time. Of course, you don’t have to download everything, but I’ve found this helps me to have everything in one place.)
  • Some of the resources in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle are Biblically-based and are from a Christian perspective. As I mentioned above, there are so many resources it would have taken a 10,000 word essay to go into all of them so I’m just mentioning the ones that carry a similar theme to what I’ve talked about before on my blog. 🙂
  • If you’d like to look through what this bundle includes, click here and you’ll be able to see everything that’s included.

BONUS offers

When you purchase this bundle, you will receive instant access to several bonus offers, some of which are:

~ FREE Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap, Mrs. Meyer’s Multi Surface Spray, Grove Collaborative Spray Bottle, Grove Collaborative Scrubber Sponges and FREE 60-day VIP trial with FREE shipping from Grove Collaborative ($30 value)
~ FREE Online Class from Craftsy ($29.99-$69.99 value) – What?! Yippeeee!!!!
~ $15 Credit to Hope Ink Shop PLUS Two FREE 8×10 Art Prints with Any Purchase ($71) – I love her prints. These would make beautiful gifts!
~ FREE SPOT Treatment for Acne & Eczema OR a $15 Gift Certificate from Bloom Naturals ($15 value)
~ FREE 90-Day Pro Membership to ($30)
~ FREE 1-Year Membership ($29 value)

Have a lovely {and creative} day!



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