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This Was August - A look back at August at Little Girl Designs...The Creative Retreat workbook, making an art journal, how to make an inspiration board for your life, and more! @

It’s always surreal writing these monthly recaps. I started out writing them because I was inspired by Emily from Chatting At The Sky’s monthly recap (and link party.) They’re a great way to look back at the month, but super surreal because the months go by So Fast. I’ve just decided to own that I will say that every single month of the year for 2015. Maybe next year the months will slow down a bit? Until then, here’s the recap:

Sharing – August was an incredible month here at Little Girl Designs. We started it off with a bang by releasing The Creative Retreat workbook to the world. If you’re new here, I started working on that guide last April and slowly but surely it took shape. It was so exciting (and scary, let’s be honest) to release it, but hearing how it has encouraged and helped so many women has been amazing. I’m now working on the next installment which will most likely be something along the lines of letter writing. (**Update: Here’s the {10 Minute} Letter Writing Retreat Bundle!)

Learning – I decided to sign up for #GoIndependent course, and was blown away by the sheer volume of information shared. I’m definitely going to be putting many of the concepts I’ve been learning to use on this blog. I want this space to be a great resource for readers and am looking forward to providing more great content in the coming months.

Reading – I picked up You’re Loved No Matter What by Holley Gerth at the library this month and had to keep reminding myself that it was a library book to stop myself from underlining every other page. So. Much. Goodness. If you struggle with perfectionism (or feel overwhelmed because you never feel like you can measure up), you’re likely to be really moved by this book. On a side note, you should also check out Holley’s site; it is overflowing with encouragement.

Growing – I’ve really been struck lately how our lives can get so busy with learning and what I call “consuming” that our creativity and good old-fashioned living can take a back seat. This is probably the most true if you’re a blogger or are working at home at your creative business. I’ve been trying to live by my new saying of “consuming less and creating more” this month and have seen some great (and freeing) results. Probably will be sharing more in the coming month about how you can take part too!

Crafting – We wrapped up the summer crafting series on the blog which was so fun. I always like the challenge of coming up with simple and fun crafts for the weekend.

Well, that’s my simple and sweet update for August. Onto September we go!

How was your August?

4 thoughts on “This Was August

  1. Jennie,

    I thought I’d take the time to let you know, I really enjoy your blog! Your drawings inspire me. My girls and I recently hand sketched paper dolls and just this morning, I used your drawing from above (of the two girls/mother and daughter with hearts) as inspiration. I’d like to take a picture of our stuff and share with you! Do you have an email address I could send them to? Also, I’d like to send you some snail mail. Do you mind sharing your mailing address? Thanks so much!

    Blessings from Maryland,


    1. Angela,
      Thank you so much for your sweet note! I would LOVE to see your drawings–that would make my day. My email is jennie (at) I’ll send you my PO Box via email; seriously, you just made my day–thank you! 🙂 🙂

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