The Giving Generously Project

Get 30+ ideas of how to give generously even when you don't have a lot of money at the moment. I love this so much. I'm using this gift guide this year for Christmas!

When I wrote How to Give Generously When You Don’t Have a Dime, I had no idea if it would resonate with readers or if it would slip into the archives unnoticed. I’m glad I took the chance because the last couple of weeks have been filled with emails and comments about giving generously that have reminded me once again that how we give is just as important as what we give. Thank you.

We can never control how our gifts will be received, but we absolutely can control how they are given.

And so I wrote that little post and pushed the publish button and out it went into the world. And so many of you understood. Honestly, I so enjoyed reading the comments section because you all were writing such great ideas on how you give. And you are a very generous group!

There’s something about the process of writing out ideas that begets more and more possibilities for me. I was in elementary school when I was first introduced to mind map idea webs that we used to brainstorm a topic. And I actually still do that to this day when I’m stuck in my writing. In this case, though, I had no problem with the ideas.

I began to think about how I could write another encouraging post on this topic, to keep the conversation going, per se. I sat down one afternoon and wrote idea after idea while my daughter napped and then realized that a seven page post would be a little much. So I did the next best thing: I made it into a mini-eBook.

This eBook is meant to be an encouragement for you as you look for ways to give generously this year.  The PDF includes 30+ gift ideas (many of which you could make with things you already have!) And I priced it at $1.00 so anyone who is looking for extra ideas and inspiration can afford it.

Click here to purchase the Giving Generously Project: 30+ ideas of how to make gifts that don't cost very much money but that are filled with love!

Click here to purchase for $1.00

Just so you know, there are some repeats from the original “giving generously” blog post but the rest are brand new, intended to get you thinking how you too can be more generous this year. And I will tell you this right now, not one of these things is costly. The whole point is giving whether or not you have a lot of money, right? 🙂

Thank you again to those of you who wrote such great ideas in the comments on the original How To Give Generously post . . . let’s continue this conversation and make this year one that is full of giving with a grateful heart. You are the best readers anyone could ever have.

10 thoughts on “The Giving Generously Project

  1. How fitting that your lovely “Giving Generously” would be a generous gift to your readers and visitors. Thank you.

  2. I have just finished reading through for the first time. Now, I must go back and mark the things I need to get going on. Thank you for sharing from the heart, Jennie.

    1. You’re welcome! You do know that I was inspired for most of my ideas from you, mom! 🙂 Love you!!!

    1. Jenny, thanks so much for your kind words! I stopped by first thing this morning–always an encouragement to see what everyone is linking up. Have a great day!

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