Have you heard about the Thank You Thursdays revolution? This simple practice will completely revolutionize your life. AND the lives of others. It's free but oh so meaningful. Join us!

Thank You Thursdays (Join the Revolution!)

Recently, I came across an eBook by Matt McWilliams called Two Powerful Words that stopped me in my tracks. He talked about the Thank you Thursdays revolution started by Jon Gordon.

I know the power of letter writing in my own life. And I know the power that it has had in so many of yours. We’ve gone through three letter-writing challenges together as a community in the past few years, and I’ve received countless emails from women who are so grateful to get back into their letter-writing groove.

Send someone a letter in the mail that says thanks. You never know how your thank you card will change their life. And yours.

That said, there’s still this thing called email. And another thing called text. And social media. These conveniences have pulled me away from sending real snail mail consistently, and this grieves me. It really does.

Because I know the power of letter writing.

I know how it feels to be a little girl, waiting breathlessly for the mailman to come. I know the slam of the mailbox door and the feel of the hot concrete under my feet as I skip-run to get the mail. I know what it feels like to find, amidst the circulars and flyers and credit card pitches, a letter for me.

You don't have to have fancy cards to write thank you notes. Pick up stationery at Target's One Spot and get inspired to write!

To this day, I’m still stunned when I receive a piece of mail from a friend. And if that friend is local, I’m doubly stunned. (Thank you, local letter-writing friends!)

But what struck me about Matt’s eBook was not the power of letter writing in itself. It was something even more—the power of saying thank you.

This is a prompt in my letter-writing challenges for sure, but he goes further to challenge us to join the Thank You Revolution and send out a thank you note every Thursday.

I read his eBook and sat back and thought about how many people I could send thank you notes to. There were so many, I pulled out some note cards and began to write. There were five in my daughter’s school bag today because her teachers are amazing. They make it a joy for her to go to school.

Then I began thinking about the maintenance guy at our apartment. And the office manager. And the proverbial list grew.

This isn’t meant to be something that is a chore. “Oh, great, now I have something more to add to my ever-growing list.”

It’s meant to be a moment for you to stop, breathe, and share your gratitude with someone else.

Will you join me in this revolution?

You can also click below for the myriad of letter-writing resources I have here as well:

Nine Fun Ways to Say Thank You (plus a free printable note card)
Write Now: 18 Letter-writing Prompts
The Letter-writing Retreat – A 70+ page eBook that includes letter-writing prompts, card tutorials, and printable stationery. (This eBook is well-loved by many people!)

Let’s do this! 🙂

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3 responses to “Thank You Thursdays (Join the Revolution!)”

  1. Irina Avatar

    I highly recommend “The Letter-writing Retreat”!

    I was an avid letter-writer until a longterm sickness and other stuff. The book brought back my childlike passion and de-cerebral-ised the process. (It didn’t make my letters dumb. It made them LESS derivative. For a while they read more like shopping lists instead of heartfelt accounts of my thoughts and feelings, due to a fear of sounding “stupid” or “boring”)

    Even my grandmother, the one person I never stopped writing to, noticed the difference after reading the book and commented on it 🙂

    1. Jennie Avatar

      I really appreciate your comment, Irina. It makes my day to know that you’re sending out heart-felt letters that are YOU. 🙂

  2.  Avatar

    Thanks for such interesting and terrific post.
    Really useful and helpful information.

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