Make Your Own Embroidered Ornaments

You only need a few supplies to make these adorable embroidered ornaments. I make these throughout the year (not just for Christmas! :)), and they're also cute as tags for gifts. via

There’s just something about projects that are on a miniature scale that makes them extra cute, don’t you think? I really love embroidery projects and while I am working on one right now that will take me a little more time (but it is gorgeous and well worth it), I wanted to make a fast project to add some decoration to a tiny grapevine wreath that I have hanging in the living room. One Sunday afternoon, I pulled out my embroidery thread and a bit of muslin and the next thing I knew, I had these little guys made!

How to Make Embroidered Ornaments

Make Your Own Embroidered Ornaments

I don’t think it has to be Christmas to make ornaments, do you? I have several that I keep out year round because they are so pretty. For this project, I only needed a few craft supplies. Here’s what you will need:

1 tiny piece of muslin or cotton
Embroidery Transfer Pen
One strand of embroidery floss (I used red for the heart and dark gray for the little
Embroidery needle

First, I cut a small circle out of the fabric. My ornaments are about the size of a quarter but I cut them slightly larger, knowing that I would fray the edges.

I then drew my design onto the fabric using an embroidery transfer pen. I love these pens because you draw your design directly onto the fabric and when you’re done, you only have to rinse the fabric with cool water. The pen ink will wash away. This project is too small to be worked in a hoop so I just carefully back-stitched onto the fabric. (If you need to know how to make a back-stitch, you can learn how to do so here.)

You only need a few supplies to make these adorable embroidered ornaments. I make these throughout the year (not just for Christmas! :)), and they're also cute as tags for gifts. via

The back-stitch is my favorite stitch because it is kind of like line drawing. Very simple and sweet. Make your stitches extra small as you make the eyes or anything circular. For the heart, I made french knots and then connected them on the outer edge with a  back-stitch. Granted, it probably is not a real one because the stitches do not run into each other. I just wanted the heart to have more shape. (Here’s how to make a french knot.)

I took a piece of floss and looped it into the back of the embroidery (being careful to not go through the fabric completely) and then tied it on the top so I would be able to hang it from my wreath. After I was finished, I carefully frayed the edges of the piece. I did this because I figured they would fray anyway and because it was such a small piece, I had trouble trying to finish the edges with a different embroidery stitch. I then rinsed the fabric to remove the embroidery pen markings, and let the ornaments dry completely.

By the way, if you use a very thin fabric, you will want to back it with a bit of stabilizer. That way you won’t see the stitches through the fabric from the front. I forgot to do this step because I was having too much fun so my stitches slightly show through. Oh well. I still like them!

Here are some more easy crafts, many of which you can whip up in an afternoon. Enjoy!

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    1. Seriously! I’m all about making little embroidered images on all things. I have so many ideas to share! Thank you for stopping by! 🙂 🙂

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  1. These are so cute and delicate! They look adorable on that wreath…I think they would also be cute hanging on dresser knobs. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

  2. This is such a sweet idea! Love that it doesn’t have to be just a Christmas craft. I should make some easter eggs and little spring chicks! These turned out SOOOO pretty, Jennie!

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  5. How cute! My girls would love making these little ornaments and I always have lots of leftover fabric. Thanks for sharing on #MerryMonday.

    1. Thank you! I think they would have fun making them. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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