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How to Make a Love Notes Book - the perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary, Valentine's Day, or a birthday. I'll show you how to make one @

There are gifts that you receive and love and then there are gifts that keep on giving. This love notes book definitely falls into the second category.

One of the best gifts my husband and I received came from my husband’s aunt right after we were married. She gave us a spiral-bound sketch book with some colored pencils for us to write (and draw) love notes in. Up until that point, we would write notes on cards (or scrap pieces of paper :)) and leave them for the other person. But with the advent of the love notes book, our thoughts to each other were bound into a place that we could come back to again and again.

When we first started adding notes to it, we drew pictures and took time to hand-letter messages. Yeah, we had lots of time at that point in our lives (though, had you told me that I would have denied it.) When we had our daughter the notes became less frequent but, I think, more amusing. They went from waxing eloquent (or trying to) to things like, “Thank you soooo much for changing her diaper in the middle of the night!!”  True love.

I love looking back through these notebooks (we have a few now) because they are a written reminder of our lives together. It’s kind of like a mini journal of sorts and much better than a scrapbook (in my opinion.) These are our words, written in pen and pencil, markers and crayon. We’ve drawn elaborate pictures and big smiley faces. We’ve written long notes and quick hellos. And in the course of several years, we’ve made what is now a trail of memories.

This is now my go-to gift for a wedding because it’s meaningful and has so much potential to be a beautiful and longer-lasting gift. Sometimes I write some thoughts to the couple on the first page to help them get started or I’ll share a little bit about the love notes book idea in their card. This would also make a sweet Christmas present or Valentine’s Day gift for your spouse. Be sure to fill up the first page with some love!

What’s your go-to wedding gift?

Have a lovely {and creative} day!

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  1. This is a cute idea!! It seems that everytime I do gifts like this for former significant others, they don’t get used as much as I would hope. I could see this one getting a lot of use if you’re married or at least living together.

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