Make a Doll Tutu

This doll tutu was so simple to make. I'm glad no sewing is required because I'm not much of a sewist! I love how you can use different colors of tulle fabric to make your doll tutu whatever color combination you want. My daughter LOVES hers!

This is such a cute no-sew project! Make a doll tutu for ANY doll, even American Girl dolls. You can even use this same concept to make a matching tutu for the little girl in your life.

Little girls and tutus go hand in hand, right? And you can’t go wrong with making an extra mini tutu for a doll!

Years ago, I learned how to make tutus for my nieces, and I love how fast they come together. This is the kind of project you can customize to your heart’s delight. Use contrasting ribbon, different colors of tulle, or lots and lots of tulle for an especially full tutu. You get the idea.

You don’t need a sewing machine or any skill except knowing how to tie a single knot. This is my kind of project!

How to Make a Doll Tutu

You will need:

Approximately 1/4 yard of tulle*
Matching ribbon

So cute! Here's a simple tutorial to make a NO-SEW tutu for a doll. Makes a great gift and works for ANY doll, even American Girl dolls.

*I originally bought a few yards of tulle because I wanted to make a tutu for my daughter at the same time. The doll tutu used up the leftovers.

First, wrap the ribbon around the doll’s waist and tie it in a bow. This will show you how long the ribbon needs to be. Cut to size.

Cut strips of tulle that when folded in half, reach a little past the doll’s knees. Know that you can always trim the tutu when it is complete. It’s better to have the tutu be a little long and then trim it later than to make it too short.

Lay the ribbon in a line and one by one, tie the strips of tulle onto the ribbon. You only need to tie a single knot as it will stay. Keep on tying the tulle on until you’ve used up the tulle. Wrap the tutu around the doll’s waist and tie a bow. If needed, trim the tutu so it is the length you want.

That’s it! You can use the same technique to make a tutu for a little girl. You’ll just need more tulle. I like to buy it in complimentary colors (3 different shades of pink, for example) because it looks so pretty to have a bit of contrast.

Make a ribbon wand along with the doll tutu and you’ll have a sweet gift for the little girl in your life!

Hope you have a lovely {and creative} day!

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  1. I so remember the days of making doll clothes for my girls’ dolls. Sadly those days are past. Thanks for linking up at the #HomeMattersParty. Hope you come back and link up with us again.

    1. Thanks so much, Melissa! I hear you–I told my sister about this tutorial for my niece and then realized that she’s not so into dolls anymore. 🙁 Time goes by too quickly!

  2. This is so adorable! My daughter would have totally loved this on her dolls whenever she was smaller!

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