Stop those creativity monsters and gremlins in their tracks with these three tips. Yay! Now you can get back to creating!

How to Combat Creativity Monsters

If blank page syndrome is a real thing (and it is), then surely creativity monsters are right up there on the list.

Creativity monsters are the super unhelpful gremlins that sit on your shoulder and whisper things like . . .

“You’re not that original.”

“Why even try?”

“You’re not going to show that to anyone, are you?”

“You should give up.”

Really helpful, right?

These little gremlins are tricky. If you feed them with additional gremliny thoughts, they begin to fill out and grow. They gain power from struggling artists and LOVE to help you stay in that spot.

But today, rather than giving in to them, we are going to COMBAT those creativity monsters.

In three easy steps.


Let’s do this!

How to Combat Your Creativity Monsters

Number one: Spoil yourself.

You heard me.

When those squeaky gremlin voices begin whispering at you, it is time to go into combat mode.

Grab a piece of paper and write down five things you could do TODAY that would help you feel better.

Ideas could include listening to your favorite song, purchasing & eating the best cacao nib bar ever, taking a hot shower, going on a walk in the forest . . . Oh wait, those are my ideas. But you get my point.

Now do those things.

“Oh, sheesh. It’s not that big of a deal. These thoughts get me all the time,” you say.

Okay. If this is a regular occurrence, you especially need to up your self care. Sleep longer, nourish your body well, encourage yourself with treats and things that make you smile, make time for relationships . . .

In short, your creative tank might be dismally empty which makes your heart the perfect environment for gremlins to move in and make their comfy homes.

Secondly: Tell someone. Or someones.

Quick, call your mom. Or your BFF. Or SOMEONE. Tell them you want to quit. Let them talk you down.

And no, please don’t get on to Twitter and tell the world of your angst. This info is for your inner circle (for now, at least.*)

Side note: Don’t tell someone who has their own giga-gremlins and who will encourage you to go to the dark side. Call Sam, not Gollum.

*Additional side note: When you’re really feeling bad about yourself, the last thing you need is strangers who don’t really know you weighing in. There will be a time for you to tell the world, but for now, tell the people who can give you a hug and make you a second cup of hot chocolate.

Gremlins and creativity monsters of all kinds really, really hate it when they are brought to light. It embarrasses them. They realize that they really have nothing that talent, determination, and awesome YOUness can’t fight.

They are just little puffs of fluff compared to what you have to bring to the world.

Telling someone about the discouragement you’re going through will help dissipate it. You will be able to see the true picture behind the smoke.

Oh my goodness, this step is so important. Please go do it today.

Thirdly, and finally, take the next 30 days to start a happy journal.

Yep, 30 days.

You will need one small blank book and one pen. If you purchase my book on happy journaling here, you’ll discover a journal at the end of the book!

For the next 30 days, draw out one or a few things every single day that make you happy. Keep your eyes wide open if you’re in a particularly monstery time.

If you are already upping your self care and getting some encouragement from cheerleading friends, then you’ll have a couple of items to draw right away.

This practice of recording your happiness will stir something in you. You’ll find that a confidence will grow that will look down at those creative gremlins and actually be able to roll her eyes instead of cowering in fright.

In short, you’ll be growing your brave muscles.

Creativity monsters attack every single one of us. Don’t feel bad when they get you down.

In fact, take a moment and revel in the truth that they are only attacking you because you are actively moving forward on your creative path. The gremlins don’t bother with those who have given up on their dreams.

You got this.

Now go get ’em!



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