Have you ever heard of a happy journal? It makes me so happy to look back in mine. They have been a light throughout my life. I love journaling but happy journals are the BEST!

Anyone Can Start a Happy Journal

This post is from an email I sent out to my subscriber list earlier this week. I wanted to share it with you because I think it’s true: anyone can start a happy journal.

What a delicious week of happiness!

Thank you for all of your support of my new book, Happy Journal, Happy Life. I have BIG dreams for this little book because I think it is a method of gratitude that is accessible to so many.

You don’t have to be an ARTIST.

You don’t have to have a lot of supplies.

It makes me so happy to look back on old happy journals. They have been a light throughout my life. I love journaling but these journals are the BEST!

All you need is the ability to stop and observe the world you’re privy to. “Open my eyes so I may SEE,” says the Psalmist. That’s the prayer of the happy journaler.

She is always on the lookout for the goodness of God. For the beauty that still exists in her world.

And she is determined to record it.

She knows how easy to forget the good. The negative moments seem to cement themselves into her brain, endlessly replaying their stories.

Here's your guide on how to start a happy journal today. What would you draw in your's?

But she stops that pattern by jotting down the happy.

Her daughter’s giggles.

The sun shining.

An old friend randomly texting hello.

Her favorite chocolate bar on sale.

They’re small things but she knows those little things are what make her life. And so she draws them out.

We’re on a quest to find the happy things. Want to join us? Here’s your guide.

P.S. I highly recommend creating a happy journal page or two with a child. Their insight is invaluable.

P.P.S. Curious what others are saying about Happy Journal, Happy Life?

It's so important to focus on the positive, as this reviewer points out.

Proof that anyone can start a happy journal. A happy review from a customer.



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