LOVE these prompts! They're great for bullet journals too! A happy journal is the cute, rambunctious kiddo of an art journal and gratitude journal. No need to pull out all the art supplies to make an art journal spread . . . and no need to keep a list a mile long of everything you're grateful for in life. I love my happy journal so much! #happyjournalhappylife

26 Happy Journal Prompts to Try

Talk about FUN! Try these 26 happy journal prompts to take your happy journaling to another level. 🙂

The premise of a happy journal is this: draw what brings you joy each day. Simple and sweet. Stick figures are fine and encouraged. Doodles are very much okay.

Basically, a happy journal is the cute, rambunctious kiddo of an art journal and gratitude journal. No need to pull out all the art supplies to make an art journal spread . . . and no need to keep a list a mile long of everything you’re grateful for in life.

And the best thing about keeping a happy journal? The record you leave behind is sure to bring a smile to your face. I mean, think about reviewing your year from the vantage point of uplifting scribbly doodles?

My Gratitude Journal Journey
Happy Journal, Happy Life book + journal

Now that you know what a happy journal is, want to try some prompts? The list below includes both very simple and more thought-provoking prompts for you to try. Grab a pen, your happy journal, and try these ideas.

Click here to download a PDF of this entire list!

26 Happy Journal Prompts to Try

1. What made you smile today?
2. What was your favorite thing about today?
3. Did you see anything beautiful?
4. Did something make you laugh?
5. What do you want to remember about today?
6. Did your kid/anyone say something funny today?
7. Was there a holiday or celebration today?

To do this year: start a happy journal! A happy journal is a cross between an art journal and gratitude journal and is soooo much fun! #happyjournal
I’m using the “Make Art Every Day” planner in these happy journal pictures. Click this image to see the planner on Amazon. 🙂


8. If you have a word of the year, how did it play out today?
9. What song makes you happy?
10. What book is resonating with you right now?
11. Favorite animal?
12. Favorite person?
13. Favorite color?
14. I don’t want to forget this . . .

Try these 26 happy journal prompts and start doodling! These are so fun! Love them. :)

15. Draw your living room right now, even if there’s laundry on the floor (Clothes = you have clothes to wear!)
16. I love this quote:
17. I want to share this with someone:
18. What I’m learning about my word of the year:
19. The meaning behind my name

After reading this post, I'm inspired to start my own #happyjournal. Even if I only draw stick figures, I know they'll make me smile and help me to remember the good in my life.

20. The beauty of my heritage
21. Where I live now
22. Who I wanted to be when I was a kid
23. Stop and listen . . . this is what I hear
24. Stop and look . . . this is what I see
25. I am thankful for all of these small things:
26. I am grateful for these things that I have access to:

Enjoy this list! Remember you don’t have to be an arteest to start a happy journal! Just start doodling and scribbling like you did as a kid. I’ve had so many people tell me that just doing this simple exercise of drawing happy moments had them in tears of laughter because it is so much fun.

Click here to download a PDF of this entire list

Give yourself this gift today and take a moment to try some of these happy journal prompts.

Have a lovely {and creative} day!


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  1. Vickie Simmons Avatar
    Vickie Simmons

    Jennie, I just watched this post and I must say you are the sweetest 🙂 I am going to try harder now to finish some crafts that I started last year at first and then back track to previous years of crafts I started and try and finish them also. You have inspired me my dear sweet Niece so Thank you very much for your encouragement. Love ya

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