A Free Coloring Page for You

Want a free coloring page? Come on over and get yours at littlegirldesigns.com

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Coloring pages. They’re everywhere these days, right? At Christmas, I was laughing over the cartoon where the kid is oohing over their new laptop and the mom is jumping for joy because she was given a coloring book. Real life, folks.

Is this where I admit I prefer a blank sketchbook and gel pens? But not everyone is into the blank slate, per se, so I thought I’d make a fun little coloring page for you. You can download it below and get to coloring these sweet little creative supplies in. :)

Click here to download your free coloring page.

Want a free coloring page? Come on over and get yours at littlegirldesigns.com

A Short Story about your Free Coloring Page

When I started this blog a year ago, I thought I was going to hop on the train of using free online tools to edit my photos (nothing wrong with that) but my husband, Le Graphic Designer insisted that I learn at least the basics of Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. I’m not gonna lie—I thought it would be MUCH faster to just use the drag and drop programs (and I was probably right because there is a learning curve with the above-mentioned products) but now I’m so glad I can use these programs. Especially since I use them every day.

Isn’t it interesting how we sometimes keep ourselves from growing because it’s just plain hard? Or just a little uncomfortable?

Want a free coloring page? Come on over and get yours at littlegirldesigns.com

The theme of this coloring page is a nod to the quote I’ve seen everywhere this year, “But first, coffee.” It’s a reminder to me that sometimes I need to just stop what I’m doing and make something. Our office is now set up so I have several canvases on the walls so I can literally walk in, put some paint on the palette and paint for a couple of minutes. It is sooo fun, I can’t even tell you.

Make your creative activities accessible so you can do them in bits and pieces if that’s the stage of life you’re in right now (mamas, you know what I mean!) In that way, you’ll be making progress and growing little by little.

And please, if there’s a chance for you to grow and stretch yourself creatively, give in. Don’t fight it. A year from now you’ll be giving yourself a high five that you took the leap.

Click here to download your free coloring page.

Hope you all have a lovely {and creative} day!

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