Get organized and inspired by these bullet journal layouts created by students! Use a bullet journal to take notes, journal, keep track of goals, and more!

13 Bullet Journal Layouts For Students

Get inspired by 13 bullet journal layouts for students! LOVE these ideas!

How I wish the idea of a bullet journal had popped into my head when I was in school. Instead I used and decorated the regular old student planners everyone bought at the store. Kind of boring.

Knowing my lifelong adoration for stationery supplies, I can imagine I would have spent quality time writing out my notes and schedule in a blank book.

I love how creative these students are . . . Hope they inspire you! Oh, and before you jump into this post, download these 26 prompts and washi them into your journal. You can use them as a guide for a gratitude or happy things journal page (or two or three.)

I know taking notes and having weekly schedules are great, but gratitude is something your heart needs whether you’re a student or not. Go ahead and download it—it’s free!

Download the 26 journal prompts by clicking here.

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Pretty Headers for Subjects

Great idea to handletter (or practice handlettering) headings for my bullet journal!

Source: @sprouhtstudies


Here’s a link for the super cute mildliner pens featured in the above picture. I’m a big fan of all things Zebra (the company that makes these pens.) Highly recommend. 🙂

Weekly Layout with Washi Tape

What a cute washi tape layout for a bullet journal!

Source: @studylex

Art Journal-Esque Layout

This bullet journal layout reminds me of an art journal—so pretty!

Source: @abby.studies

Monthly Spread with Doodles and Hand Lettering

Here's a pretty monthly bullet journal spread featuring handlettering and lots of doodles! Love.


Travel Journal Spread

Ooo! I'm going to bring a special travel journal as my bullet journal/memory keeping next time I travel. Great idea!

Source: @studybear_

Note Taking

If you have to take notes, you might as well make them pretty. #bulletjournal

Source: @thecoffeedesk

By the way, if reading this post makes you want to start a bullet journal Right Now, then here are some supplies you’ll need:

Dotted Bullet Journal—This berry-colored Leuchtturm journal will hold all of your notes and to-do lists easily. It also has numbered pages and tabs you can pull off on the edge as needed.
Pens—The jury is out as to which pens work best in bullet journals. It depends on the thickness of the journal paper, but it also depends on your personal preference. My favorites:

Post-it Notes—Also, I regularly use post-it notes in my bullet journal for items that I want to move from page to page—usually my monthly to-do list. I find this is easier than having a dedicated “spread;” I just move it from week to week and then toss it when I’ve completed everything.

How to bullet journal book—I like Dot Journaling: A Practical Guide as a resource for all things bullet journaling. It contains a lot of templates and ideas to try out.

Biology Notes Made Pretty

Biology notes never looked so good! #bulletjournaling

Source: @instastudy_lover

Weekly Spread

A colorful and neat weekly spread for a bullet journal. Love this idea.

Source: @unknown.notes

Notes, Notes, and More Notes!

More note-taking for a bullet or dot journal. Wish I had had a bullet journal when I was a student!

Source: @studyjournals_

Weekly Schedule

Super cute (and neat!) weekly spread for a bullet journal. Love this one!

Source: @emmastudiess

Note taking + Post-it Notes

What a cute idea for note-taking in a bullet journal. The notes can be removed or added to as needed.

Source: @sprouhtstudies

Learning a New Language Notes

I love this idea of writing out a word a day in my bullet journal to learn a new language! Going to try this #bulletjournal layout. :)

Source: @theboostedjournal

Cute Habit Tracker Layout

Super cute habit tracker idea for a bullet journal. Source: @caitlinmariedasilva

I love how each student takes the basic bullet journal premise and makes it their own. That’s my favorite part about this system.

Be as creative as you want and get to bullet journaling!

P.S. Here are 26 happy journal prompts to use in your bullet journal. Create a page or two where you draw out all of the things you’re grateful for. (You can learn more about happy journaling here and see the prompts listed out here.)

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