Want to start a gratitude journal? You can DIY your own in an art journal, bullet journal, or regular journal. Here are three fun ways to make gratitude pages in your journal. Grab your paints—this is going to be colorful and fun! Oh, and children LOVE these prompts and ideas too. :)

Gratitude Journal Ideas: Three Ways to Get Started

Need some gratitude journal ideas? Look no further! Here are three fun ideas to try . . .

Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to become more aware of the goodness in your life, which in turn increases your happiness. Simply writing three specific things a day that you’re grateful for can literally change your life. (And the lives of those around you!)

I thought it’d be fun to share three different ways you can start a gratitude journal in your bullet journal, art journal, or regular journal. Use these prompts as a springboard for your own ideas!

Supplies used:

Mixed media sketchbook and old library book
Golden brand white gesso
Tombow markers
Flow Book for Paper Lovers
Fabric paint
Foam brush
Crayola markers

For the first idea, I added paint to my mixed media sketchbook and smeared it around. You can do this with a paintbrush, plastic wrap, or bubble wrap. Get creative!

Start with a colorful background in your art journal and then fill up the page with what you're grateful for!

Once the paint is dry, use markers to create a “sun” pattern on your page. I’ll be writing what I’m thankful for in these spots throughout the summer. You can write large or teeny tiny—it’s up to you!

No fancy supplies needed for this gratitude page. I used leftover fabric paint and Crayola markers!

For the next idea, I painted the interior pages of a discarded library book with gesso. Once that was dry, I used my Tombow marker to draw a blue edge. (These markers are water soluble, so you can add water to a paint brush and paint over the marker; you can see what that looks like here.)

Next, I cut out a picture from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers (a must-have for all of you letter-writing fans; you will have enough stationery for quite a while!) I glued the image into my book and drew clouds on the both pages. I’ll fill those clouds up with things I’m grateful for next.

Use fun images in an old book for your gratitude journal.

Finally, I used some tags for a fun way to write out my gratitude list. I strung three tags onto a ribbon and taped them down with washi tape. Super simple, but it creates such a fun effect. These tags are from the Flow book but you could use any tag or make your own.

A final gratitude journal idea for your art journal. I love the idea of using tags to write out what you're thankful for!

Yes, you absolutely can buy a gratitude journal or list out what you’re grateful for on a sheet of paper, but it’s also fun to have a couple of different ideas up your sleeve as well. These ideas are also a great way to break into the world of art journaling if you’re feeling unsure.

Here are some more art journaling ideas for the newbie:

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How to Start an Art Journal

Hope you have an amazing day!

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