Write a Letter

I need to write more letters because it always makes me feel so good when I send off a note in the mail. That, and let's be honest, getting real mail is awesome! :) Love these tips and ideas.

This week on The Creative Play Challenge, we’re going to write a letter. Simple and sweet, but I think, oh so important. Yes, you could simply text your friend a note, but there’s just something about the act of writing, of taking the time to put your thoughts on paper. And besides, you’ll make your friend’s day for sure when she opens her mailbox and finds your letter tucked in between all of the junk mail. 🙂

Write a Letter (But Don’t Make it Too Hard on Yourself)

I have great intentions sometimes to write a letter to someone but then I accidentally make the process difficult. I want to make the card. Or I want to find the perfect card. Or I decide I’ll wait until I have time to take a mini letter-writing retreat. Now these things aren’t bad in themselves, but sometimes you just need to sit down and do the thing.

Set The Timer

I must be getting old because I repeat this tip so often. But seriously, set the timer on your phone or microwave for 10 minutes, and write a letter. You’ll be amazed at how much you can write in that amount of time.

Make it Special (For You)

Maybe you have a young child but he still takes a nap. Use the first few minutes of nap time to pour yourself a cup of tea. Gather your letter-writing supplies, sit by a window, light a candle . . . basically, make this small bit of time into a moment. Take a deep breath and write.

Get back into your letter-writing groove with this bundle of snail mail resources! Includes prompts, ideas of what to send in the mail, card tutorials, and printable stationery!

Above All, Be You

Write in your speaking voice, and go for it. Recount a funny moment from your day. Mention a little miracle you witnessed. Ask your friend how she’s doing. Write out a quote or poem that is inspiring you right now. Talk about the book that you couldn’t put down.

This week, I’m going to send a letter to my Grandpa. He and I have been writing to each other since I was a little girl. I want to make sure he has a little something to look forward to (although my amazing Aunt looks out for him, and I know brings a smile to his face. :))

I hope you have fun as you write your letter this week. Even if you haven’t joined The Creative Play Challenge, consider jumping in and writing a letter to someone you love. It’ll be worth it, promise.