This Was October - Are you doing the brave work? A look back at the month at

This Was October

Hi everyone. This post is going to be a little different from my typical monthly recap post. Usually I recount the projects I’ve been working on throughout the month but today I’m going to share some recent scenery pictures as well as thoughts I had from attending The Hello Sessions this month (a workshop-based conference in Portland, OR.)

October started off with fireworks as I released my new letter writing bundle, The {10 Minute} Letter-writing Retreat and attended The Hello Sessions the first week. Oh, and started the Bring Back Snail Mail Challenge. You might as well go big, right? Speaking of the snail mail challenge, I sent out several cards in the mail this week which was so nice. It’s kind of funny how getting back to the simple things in life can really do wonders for your creativity.

This Was October - A look back at the month at

One of my biggest takeaways from The Hello Sessions (and there were many) was to stop doing the pretend work and to do the brave work instead. I feel this applies to both my business and personal life, and truly thinking about this concept has been incredible this month. At first, along with the other attendees, I chuckled at the idea of how we often click open our email or social media rather than doing what truly needs to be done, even if in our hearts we want to do the “brave work.”

As a quick side note, my definition of “brave work” is not yours. It can’t be. We all are unique. You know inside what you need to be doing. You know what you’re procrastinating on, what makes your heart sing and also makes you incredibly nervous to step out and do already. Because of that, attaching a strict definition to what brave work looks like never pans out very well. I could wax eloquent on how brave it was for me to train for a marathon when I was not an athlete at all back in the day, but if you’re an athlete that won’t feel very brave at all. Okay, back to my train of thought…

Putting off the brave work in lieu of pretend work is one of the strange ironies of the creative’s life, and I know now for certain I’m not the only one. So today’s monthly recap is a little different in that I want to ask you, what is the brave work in your life? What is something you could step out into in the coming months as we close out 2015?

Is it slowing down to notice the beauty around you in the midst of your very busy life?

This Was October - A look back at the month at

Is it taking time to get outdoors and to go on walks through the woods? Is it writing more or singing more?

This Was October - A look back at the month at

Do you need to carve out some creative space in your life?

This Was October - A look back at the month at

Or look up and realize everything is going to be alright in the end? Do you need to call that friend and go to coffee? Or sign up to serve in your community?

This Was October - A look back at the month at

Do you need to explore your city? There’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered!

This Was October - A look back at the month at

I recently had the opportunity to hike the 4T trail in Portland with some new friends and as I walked through the woods that morning, I couldn’t help but think how even that act was somewhat brave. And in so doing it, I was gifted a morning retreat, because walking through the woods in the fall time . . . if that isn’t a retreat, I don’t know what is. 🙂

Well, that’s my little pep talk to me and you for this month. It’s hard to believe we’re heading into Thanksgiving and Christmas season already. I love this time of year and plan to share many fun (and simple) craft tutorials, so keep an eye out for them.

Until then, hope you have a lovely {and creative} day. And let’s go out and DO that brave work! 🙂


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