How to transform your baby scribbles into sweet works of art to give to Nana. Perfect for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and birthdays. Love these!

How To Make Cards from Baby Art

Last year we entered the world of coloring. My daughter suddenly went from trying to eat crayons to wanting to scribble and make lines across paper. To give her a little place for her art-making, I took a large cardboard box that came to waist height on her, covered the top with packing paper (basically kraft paper that came in a package we received), and taped it down. On top of that I taped some white copy paper and then gave her the pack of crayons to go for it.

This kid LOVES to draw.

Mother’s Day rolled around last year and as I was putting together some trinkets and gifts for our moms, it occurred to me that I could take those colored sheets, cut out a heart, and affix it to a card. I enjoy making cards anyway, especially since I can customize them for each person. I am so happy with how they turned out, and the Nanas loved receiving a card from their granddaughter.

How to transform your baby scribbles into sweet works of art to give to Nana. Love these!

How to Make Cards from Baby Art

You will need:

One blank folded card
A sheet of your baby’s scribbles
Glue stick
Pens to add detail

1.  Cut a heart out of the baby scribble page (or any shape you desire.)

2.  Add glue to the back and carefully place on card. Make sure to apply the glue all the way to the edge, so the paper will adhere.

3.  If desired, add embellishments to the card with a gelly roll pen or marker.


Now that’s my kind of craft! Cute and fast and frugal.

You could easily adapt this with an older child’s artwork. Have them draw their design on a separate sheet of paper and cut out the bits that they like. Affix to the card.

This idea can also be used to make gift tags or to decorate gift bags. I also like the idea of cutting out several hearts from the baby art, affixing them to a nice piece of card stock, and framing them for a gift.

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Have a lovely {and creative} day!


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