How to Make an Artist Scratch-off Coin - Have you ever wondered how to make your own scratch-off coins? The recipe is so easy! (You probably already have the ingredients.) Make a bunch of these to bring life, adventure, and FUN into your creative practice. These would also make a great gift for your creative friends!

How to Make Artist Scratch Off Coins

Learn how to make artist scratch off coins to add spark to your creative life!

I recently checked out Oh Joy!: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy from the library and had fun flipping through the pages of projects to try. One in particular stood out for me—making homemade scratch off cards. I never realized that it’s actually fairly simple to make these and once I saw the recipe, I had an aha moment. Rather than make the project she shared, wouldn’t it be fun to make artist scratch off coins? Basically the premise is this: we’re on a mission to make creativity a regular part of our lives and sometimes that means we need to up the FUN level a bit. And maybe even create some adventure.

In order to show you how to make these coins, I made a little video for you which you can see below. But first, what you’ll need is a piece of paper to brainstorm some ideas.

Answer these questions with one to three word answers:

What could I do to put more adventure into my creative practice?
What gives me energy to create?
What puts me in the mood to want to make things?

The key is to make sure that these items are inexpensive (if not free) and easily accessible to you. It would be disappointing to scratch off a coin that said, “Go to London!” if you can’t pack up and go now. (But if you live right outside of London, and you find you get a lot of inspiration when you take the time to go for a morning trip to the city, by all means, put, “Go to London!” on your list. :))

Some ideas for you to try:

Go on a walk
Take pictures
Dance to Mandisa
Take out the paints

You can choose things you don’t typically do but would like to try, as well as things that might stretch you a bit. You can also choose things that fill up your soul as an artist.

Once you have your list, you’re ready to make your artist scratch off coins. Make a bunch of these, and keep them in a jar. Choose one a week, and do whatever the coin says. Simple and sweet . . . and fun!

Artist Scratch Off Coins

Note: If you don’t have a large circular punch, you can cut out circles or whatever shape you’d like.

You will need:

Circle punch (1 inch circle)
White card stock paper
Gold acrylic paint (You can use whatever color you’d like; I used gold.)
Dish-washing liquid
Tray to mix paint and dish-washing liquid
Paint brush

Watch the video to see how the magic happens!

Sometimes it’s the little things that can add a spring to your step as a creative (and yes, I’m talking to YOU, because we’re all creative.) This would also be a great activity for your family—let them help you figure out the words you’ll write on each coin. What adventures and fun will you take, I wonder? 🙂

Have you ever made your own scratch off coins?

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