Love this creative play challenge to give my art away this week! I'm going to see what craft or DIY project I can make and give away . . .

Give Your Art Away

Hello! Our prompt this week is to give your art away.

It’s great to make things for yourself. And it’s fine to sell them too. (Of course, I support creative businesses since I am one!) That said, there’s also a place to give your art away.

No strings attached. No guilt or expectations involved. Just give it to someone. I know there is sometimes a factor of “I need to find someone who will appreciate this” but today, I want you to be extra brave and give it to anyone. Even if that means painting a picture for your toddler who will immediately get it grungy.

The point in this prompt is practicing generosity. If we don’t regularly practice giving things away (including our art), our hearts become increasingly small and unable (or unwilling) to give anything away.

Be faithful in the little things. You’ll be glad you did.

Another thing: try to not let the word, “Art” make you stop in your tracks. Your version of art might be fine art or it might be crocheting. It might be decorations you’ve made for your home or baking.

Wood slice ornaments are so easy to make and decorate! They make a great teacher's gift for Christmas and are also a great mini-gift for friends. Make up a batch to give to neighbors or use them as fancy gift tags. :)

I did a “handmade Christmas” series on my blog during Christmas and featured the gifts I had made in this post:

I wasn’t sure I was going to make things this year because life has become so much more busy, but it was fun to make these simple gifts. Making Christmas or birthday or just because gifts is a great way to give your art away!

Have an amazing day, my friends!


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