Pay It Forward Letter-writing Challenge

Letter writing challenges are the best. You get to send out snail mail into the world and make someone's day. With this challenge, you'll be sending out cards for five days straight; you'll get a calendar and printable stationery too! What are you waiting for?

Our letter-writing challenges have been one of my favorite things each year, and the new Pay It Forward letter-writing challenge is going to be amazing! I’ve updated and combined all of my letter-writing challenges into one fun course—you can access it here.

April is just around the corner so you know what that means? Letter-writing month! We’ve had a couple of letter-writing challenges here at Little Girl Designs before—The Bring Back Snail Mail Challenge and the 30 Days of Mailbox Love Challenge. Many readers have so whole-heartedly participated that I knew I needed to think of something extra special for this new challenge.

Enter the Pay It Forward Letter-writing Challenge.

Yes to free letter-writing challenges! I love mail but I don't write letters as much anymore. I love how simple this challenge was, and I'll definitely do it again. Thanks!

You’ve probably heard of the pay it forward concept. You give something to someone who in turn passes on your kindness to another person. What if we were to take that concept into the world of letter-writing?

Of course, it might be a bit strange to write a letter of encouragement to someone and then ask them to write their own note to someone else. So for the sake of this challenge, we’re just going to get the ball rolling. We’ll send our letters out in the world and spread a little kindness. If our recipients “pay it forward” to someone else, awesome! But we’re not going to worry about that. 🙂

Pay it Forward, One Day at a Time

There are so many people who need kindness extended towards them. So many who would be surprised that someone notices and is grateful for their hard work.

I think many times we want to be that person who is kind and generous and who takes the time to say or write a word of encouragement. But we get wrapped up in our own lives. We need to pick up groceries, wash the car, and pick up the kids from school. We hear the news, shake our heads, notice people as we rush here and there, wish things weren’t the way they were, and keep on going.

I get it.

But what would it be like if we took five days to pay it forward? Five days to write a quick note to the people in our lives who need it most, and then send those letters? I truly believe that kindness might just breathe hope back into the recipients’ hearts. It might breathe hope back into you.

Yes to free letter-writing challenges! I love mail but I don't write letters as much anymore. I love how simple this challenge was, and I'll definitely do it again. Thanks!

This world is downright messy right now. But each of us has the power in our hands to affect change in the lives we touch each day.

For this challenge, you will receive a PDF calendar that includes a lot of different card tutorials you can try out this month. You can just keep the calendar on your computer or phone and tap the links to read more. You’ll also receive 3 printable note cards. They’re black and white so you can leave them as is or have some fun coloring them in. (Maybe with some gelly roll pens? My fave. :)) You’ll also receive a prompt a day in your inbox for five days.

  • One PDF calendar
  • Three printable note cards
  • Five days of prompts

= A totally doable letter-writing challenge! 🙂 I hope you’ll join me because this one is going to be fun. 🙂

Get all three of my letter writing challenges here!

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11 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Letter-writing Challenge

  1. This is an interesting idea. I enjoyed sending out holiday cards because they are handwritten. Of course, I would get replies by text or something *sigh* I’d like to take time for letters. #HomeMattersParty

  2. I found you on Share It One More Time and am so glad that I did. Your blog is lovely, and my heart is warmed by this challenge. It will be no challenge to me because, a la Jane Austen, I am an avid letter writer and tend to write one or more letters every week. In fact, my letter du jour is already in the mail!

    1. Thanks so much, Pattie! I love that you’re an avid letter writer and that you mentioned Jane Austen. 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s wonderful that your friends and family get to receive real letters from you. What a gift! Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Such a sweet idea. Letters are, especially, important to older people many of whom don’t do email, etc. I told my mom once how much I loved seeing the letters she and my grandmother exchange across the country every week. That conversation inspired me to be a little more purposeful about letter writing (though I still fall far short of what I’d like to do). Thanks for sharing. Easter blessings!

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