My New Ecourse Site for Jennie Moraitis

Check out the new ecourse site for Jennie Moraitis products!

I’m so excited to show you my new ecourse platform for this blog. You can access all of my classes, former email challenges, and even book clubs in one spot now!

Click here to see my classes.

Check out the new ecourse site for Jennie Moraitis classes, former email challenges, and book clubs!

I’ve updated my most popular challenges from the blog and made them into online courses so you can easily access all the information at once instead of digging through your inbox.

The courses also include additional information, videos, and resources that were not included in the original email series. So. Much. Fun!

Check out my journaling online course here!

Join our FUN Journalista Challenge! This five module online course will help you get into your groove with journaling. We'll explore five different ways to journal, and you'll receive prompts galore that you can use in your own journal. It'll be fun!

For those of you who have purchased The Creative Retreat paperback book, did you know that there’s a free book club included with your purchase? You can click here to access the book club and dive into your book!

You can see in the image below that the course site automatically tracks your progress so you can easily see where you left off. Isn’t that cool?

The 2030make challenge has been the most popular challenge EVER on this blog. Literally, thousands of creative friends like you have gone through this 30 day challenge and rediscovered their creative muse!

I’ve updated it and added eleven videos that were originally a part of a Facebook live series on creating every day. Click here to access the 2030make course (20 minutes of creative time for 30 days!)

Join the 2030make 30 day creativity challenge! I'm busy, you're busy, we're all busy...BUT that shouldn't keep us from creating, should it? Join the #2030make challenge and you'll receive a printable workbook, four lessons on creativity, and 7 videos from our live sessions for the challenge. You'll also enjoy the fun of being able to work on your creative projects for the next 30 days. Whoohoo!

Hope you have a lovely {and creative} day!