How to Be More Creative

YES to the second tip in this list on how to be more creative. I want this to be my most creative year ever!

I’m on a mission to help you be more creative in your every day life. I’m not talking about spending hours in your studio painting or dancing (though if you can do that, then I’ll not hold you back.) I’m more interested in helping you to find ways to be more creative that easily fit into your schedule and into your real life. Believe me, in many ways, I’m right there with you. Before I started typing this post I told my daughter I’d read to her in 20 minutes so I’m typing as fast as I can (getting my own creative expression out for ya.)

Anyway, there are many ways to be more creative but let’s talk about three ways that have been pivotal for me personally (and will be for you too.)

How to Be More Creative

Plan it.

This step is integral. If you don’t schedule time for creative activities, it isn’t going to happen on it’s own. Your craft supplies will stay neatly in their boxes, your art journal will remain untouched, and . . . well, you get the idea. When you plan your creative time, be realistic. Think about when you have extra minutes in your day or if you could take out an activity and replace it (i.e. swapping Facebook scrolling or tv for a creative activity.)

Give yourself grace as you’re initially planning. And as I said, be realistic. You know your schedule best. You might want to experiment and see if getting up a little earlier works for you too. Also, remember that you are the boss of your creative life. Sounds funny, but it’s true. Don’t let this exercise become a source of stress for you. Speaking of which . . .

Choose wisely.

Oh my. I’d guess pretty much all of us have a project (or two) that we feel we should do because we bought all the supplies, but we don’t want to do it anymore. It’s basically a guilt project. For me, it’s my wedding album. It’s so terrible because I have all the pictures on my computer ready to go, but after making an album for my mom and mother-in-law, my motivation flew out the window.

My point is, when you’re trying to get back into your creative groove, it’s a really good idea to choose a project that a.) you want to do, and b.) will be an easy win for you to finish. This will give you that lovely snowball effect where you have an early success and want to keep going. This is a good thing.

Do it with a friend.

If you’re feeling like you’re unlikely to set out on a creative venture on your own, then call up a friend and work on your projects together. You’ll get to catch up on all the latest while feeding your own creative spirit. I’ve noticed too, that a lot of us work more efficiently when we’ve set an appointment with a friend. Maybe because it’s been planned and another person is involved, we’re much more likely to see it through.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I’m on a mission to help you be more creative.  I love sharing resources, tutorials, and ideas with you that give you that extra spark. If you’re the kind who would appreciate additional guidance in this area of creative life and practice, then I’d love to have you join me for my class called SHINE. We’ve had a great group of women go through this course already, and you’ll have lifetime access to take it whenever you need that extra encouragement.

Learn how to SHINE in your creative life in this fun, action-packed ecourse by Little Girl Designs!

SHINE is a completely updated version of my class Jumpstart Your Creativity (which thousands have gone through, incidentally) . . . and it includes:

  • Daily podcasts with a homework exercise
  • Transcripts for eight days (this course is one week plus a bonus day)
  • A completely updated workbook with a section for you to write your favorite quote and a daily gratitude corner
  • Daily sparks (prompts) to take you deeper
  • Bonus exercises and prompts that you can use with the course or afterwards
  • Lifetime access, so you can retake the class whenever you want to

Here’s What A Student Said About This Course:

“Shine is so great. I was able to find the time to be creative for the last 5 days straight, and I don’t even consider myself to be “creative!”

My project is new and exciting for me and I have learned so many tips in ‘Shine’ that makes finding time for my project so much easier. Jennie hit this one out of the ballpark!”

Sue Dunlevie, Successful Blogging

I believe that we can make changes to be more creative any day of the year, so whenver you join us for this class you’re always welcome!

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Have an amazing {and creative} day!

16 thoughts on “How to Be More Creative

    1. It’s so true, isn’t it Roseann? If I don’t plan for creative time, it often doesn’t happen.

  1. I love the idea of anything that helps people be more creative. I totally agree about starting with small do-able projects, a quick win or two is just what people need to keep motivated and start enjoying making.

  2. Thank you for the inspiration, and the help to plan creative activities. Usually my problem is finding time for them, but maybe a better organization can help me in that too. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Teresa. I hope you can find the time to create, maybe even this weekend? 🙂 Have a great day!

  3. Right now I plan all of my creativity for the weekend, during the week it’s almost impossible, I do try to get some inspiration during the week, and then get ready with supplies I need etc…. I’d love to have a journal though to have it more organized and be able to get ready for each project. Thanks so much for sharing at Sweet Inspiration! Happy Weekend!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Katrin! I hear you about creating on the weekend—I can definitely get more accomplished then too. 🙂 I hope you’re having a good one!

  4. Totally agree that you need to make the time for projects. That’s one of my biggest obstacles. Thanks for sharing your download on Merry Monday.

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